but what in the world

do I bring to camp?


here are some examples for senior / junior camp packing lists!

On a typical camp day, you will be dressed in shorts, a camp t-shirt (2 provided), athletic socks, and sneakers. Campers will not have access to laundry facilities.  We will provide 2 camp t-shirts (washed and dried 1x / week, worn 2x), but you will need shirts for the rest of  the time. Please bring only one suitcase, a sleeping bag and a pillow, as storage is limited. Check out a list of the typical camper day HERE.



Shorts – at least fingertip length, please

Short-sleeved shirts

Pair of long pants

Long-sleeved shirt or sweatshirt


LOTS of underwear and socks. Lots. Just trust us. 

Swimsuit (one-piece swimsuits or modest tankini)

2 pairs of shoes – 1 pair of athletic shoes and 1 pair water shoes/sandals for water activities

Hat (if desired)

Light rain jacket (just in case)

Special outfit for the dance (nice attire that is not too tight, no visible undergarments, mini-skirts, or low cut tops - make it bright and make it fancy!)

Set of older clothes / extra clothes for messy or muddy activities!



One sleeping bag/blankets (cots or bunk beds are provided, but no bedding)

Pillow (none are provided)

2-3 towels and washcloths, including swimming towel

Shower shoes / flip flops 

Shower caddy / bag to carry shower items in



Bible (we gonna use 'em!)


Pen or pencil

Refillable water bottle - there'll be ice and water available all day, stay hydrated!

Plastic garbage bags for dirty laundry

Toiletries – hairbrush, comb, doedorant, toothpaste, toothbrush, deodorant, soap, shampoo, sunscreen, deodorant, etc.


Insect repellent


Flashlight with NEW batteries (optional)

Medications in original containers (if needed)

Camera (optional – recommend disposable with your name on it)

Snack food and water (optional)

Money for canteen / snack bar (will be open a few times a day - things sold such as: candy, clothing, drinks, etc)

A GOOD ATTITUDE! It's going to be a great week!


EXTRAS (if desired)

Anything for dorm spirit / unity (bandanas, face paint, matching masks, colorful ductape, use those imaginations!)

Things to do on occasional downtime (coloring books, reading books, arts and craft supplies, etc)

Skit randomness (if your dorm had to create a skit from nothing, what would you be able to pull out of your bag of tricks? A stuffed animal, a bib, huge sunglasses, funny poster, beautiful tutu?? BRING IT ALL!)



Valuables such as expensive jewelry, watches or rings, excessive money

Handheld games, portable radios/CD player/DVD player/iPods or any other electronic device

Cell phones (ain't no service ANYway)

Should you bring these items, they may be collected by counselors and returned on the last day.


If you are old enough to drive and plan to leave your vehicle on camp property during the week, you will need to turn in your keys to Director Carrie Smith after unpacking on Sunday afternoon.  You will be able to retrieve your keys from her on Friday before you leave.