"incredible atmosphere..."


"Camp has been an extreme blessing in my life.

Before camp, summertime was a much needed opportunity to get away from school, but now I just look forward to camp and think how it's such a great way to strengthen my relationship with God.

Camp has allowed me to develop lifelong relationships with people I didn't know existed 4 years ago. I just love being around the incredible atmosphere because this one week in the year changes my attitude toward life. I love to go out to my school telling people about the great message I learned at camp."


[camper / CREW]




Ones that last over multiple state lines.

People I've grown close to and wouldn't trade for anything. They've helped me grow in my faith and love for the Lord exponentially and I can always count on them to be there for me, no matter the distance or time apart"


[camper / CREW / staff]


"...we can impact a child's life"


"My many years serving at Pathways Camp greatly impacted me.

When I was a senior camper, we set aside a day during the week to open the camp to kids in the community who might not usually get the chance to go to camp.

I was partnered with a girl four years younger than me named Shasta. She had less time than me, one day to my week, so that small amount of time was that much more valuable. The next year at camp when the Outreach Day rolled around, I was super excited to get to give the camp experience to someone else again. I was even more excited when I saw that Shasta came back.

When working with a diverse group, we should show the similarities. By focusing on the similarities, we can build great relationships. And in building great relationships, we can positively impact a child’s life."


[camper / CREW / staff]



"...I am worthy"


"My first year at Pathways, I kept being told I am worthy. I finally accepted God back into my life"